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May 26, 2005
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GradorDalParah - For Kainsword by Daimera GradorDalParah - For Kainsword by Daimera
My entry for Kainsword's "Seigi-Senshi Captain Japan" Kaijin design contest. Not *too* impressive as far as what I'm capable of, but considering I drew this in class today (technically yesterday, as it's nearly 1 AM now), I'll use it. Brushpen-inked.

Note that in the picture, the Mindspore is NOT to scale with Grador itself. The 'full grown' Grador as shown in this picture is about 20' long from the top of its shoulders to its tail-tip. Judge height based on that.

Name: GradorDalParah (Though it's simpler to just call it Grador)

Age: 358

Type: Semi-sentient Plantoid Mutant, Biomaterial-Absorber

Bio: When mysterious objects fall to Earth with no discernable source, it's always only a matter of time before meddling scientists find, collect, and prod said mysterious objects in their labs in hopes of gaining knowledge beyond that which is known to the sad little blue planet. Unfortunately, the armored sphere they found, studded with eyelike growths, was a hibernating seed of an interstellar menace, locked away and deprived of nutrients by an advanced race. Upon trying to subject the sphere to a large dose of X-rays, in hopes of trying to see inside its otherwise inpenetrable carapace, it promptly came to life and sought the closest form of nourishment: the scientists. A red-alert was triggered, and the building evacuated and locked down, but not before the organism had devoured five scientists, using the materials of their bodies to create its own, meshing human flesh with its own plant matter. It drained as much energy from surrounding independantly-powered equipment as it could, until the scientists tried to gas it... unfortunately, the poisonous fumes only strengthened the abomination, feeding its own acidic blood and allowing it to eat its way out of the facility, unleashing it upon the unfortunate general public.

Physical Properties:
- Blood initially a rash-inducing irritant, became a corrosive acid when it absorbed the poison that the scientist attempted to gas it with. It is immune to its own acid.
- Armor is incredibly tough, though not invulnerable. None the less, it's impervious to heat, and extremely slick, causing most solid projectiles or melee strikes to glance off.
- Very rapid healing, which is only boosted when it feeds. It can continue to grow when provided with enough biomatter to devour and add to itself.

Special Attacks:
- Triple Vise (Grador clamps its handjaws and tailjaws on a victim, immobilizing them and causing piercing/crushing damage)
- Noxious Haze (Breaths a nausea-inducing gray-green fog, which is thick and coating, making it dangerous to the eyes.
- Corroding Gnaw (A bite with the main mouth, the two 'side jaws' are connected to the bloodstream directly and can inject Grador's corrosive blood into a target)

- Mindspore (The large jaws on Grador's shoulders house a large amount of needle-like organisms called Mindspores. Grador is, for the most part, nonsentient, but if it attaches a mindspore to a target, it gains that target's intelligence for the duration of the Mindspore's attachment. This intelligence stacks, so Grador can attach Mindspores to multiple people and gain their collective intelligence. Mindspore-attached targets are also susceptible to be mindcontrolled by Grador, who often uses Mindspore-attached people to communicate, which is something it cannot do on its own. Grador can only mindcontrol one person at a time. Mindspores cannot be removed by conventional means, and will only fall off of their own accord when Grador is desroyed.

Super Attack:
- Unbridled Sun (Grador absorbs electromagnetic waves, from UV, to light, to radio, to X, etc. to use for power. Because of Earth's abundance of all of these wavetypes, Grador forms a surplus of power, and can transform any extra energy into concentrated heat-blasts, which are fired from the optics in its 'hands' and tail. While these can be used in small bursts to knock around and burn opponents, Grador will often wait for a breaking point and then release a very large, lethal blast of concentrated heat from all three 'cannons' at once. A single blast of this can potentially melt a car into slag within seconds. The downside of using a large blast is that Grador requires some time to cool down, and becomes susceptible to attack)
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FleshEatingFurby Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2011
I really enjoy your interpretation of a hydra. Epic.
Daimera Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2011
Uhm.... thanks? I'm not sure if this is a compliment considering this wasn't intended to be an interpretation of a hydra... ^^;
SesakaTH Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2006  Student General Artist
:wow::wow::wow: Totally wicked creature!
Dreammachine Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2005
Nice work! :w00t:

You like metriod, don't you ? :nod:
Daimera Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2005
Why do people make these assumptions? I've never played a single Metroid game in my life.
Dreammachine Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2005
In that case, you should :O_o:

Those creeps rule :evillaugh:
Ironwyrm Featured By Owner May 28, 2005
Wow, verry cool.
Better than my entry.
But while seeing the tail and reading the bio and atttacks, i cant help feel that it has a certain similarity to my entry...
Daimera Featured By Owner May 28, 2005
Just saw your entry. Aside from the quadra-tail-jaw and the mouths on the shoulders (which are different all their own, anyway), they actually don't seem that similar. I went for a bajillion mouths all over the place because I was trying to emulate the kinds of designs that Kainsword comes up with so as to make it 'fit' with the theme. I came up with the attacks based on the kinds of bios he gives to his characters that have extended, ability-inclusive sheets, anyway, so I'm not sure if that's conclusive. The bio... well, it appears that relation to scientists is the only similarity there, too, as yours is a person subjected to tests and mutations, while mine's a critter that crashed down from outer space.

Again, I dislike making this kind of mistake by not thoroughtly looking over other entries in contests before making my own. I get very irritated at people copying my designs, so when I inadvertantly make something in this context that's too similar to someone else's, it makes me feel quite the odd. Therefore, I'll give you the decision. Do you want me to remove my entry?
Ironwyrm Featured By Owner May 28, 2005
No! its way too good to not place it in the contest. It would be a crime if i told you to remove it.
I was just pointing out a resemblance (no matter how similar) in the bios and some attacks.
I also got the idea of the character from looking at kainsword´s own designs to make it look like a kaijin, since i had little clue to what they were exactly supposed to look like.
btw i did not acused you of stealing my design, i just said that it had just some insignificant aspects that reminded me of my entry.
Daimera Featured By Owner May 28, 2005
I wasn't accusing you of accusing me of stealing your design. I just get all squicky when I make this kind of mistake of not thoroughly going through other entries before making my own. ;)
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